Psatha beach

Psatha Bay stretches wide open and blue in an endless Beach of 3 km. On the edge of the Bay taverns and restaurants are open all day long. This magnificent beach with the colorful pebbles and deep blue waters, with dense pine forests all around, is an ideal summer getaway.

Porto Germeno Beach

Right after the beautiful pine forest, the beach of Porto Germeno is next. Most people know the area for its beautiful beaches. Few people know that there stood the ancient city of Aigosthena. In Porto Germeno you can enjoy the view of both a mountain and a sea at the same time. Moreover, the distances in this part of Attica are totally inconsiderable.


The beaches at Alepochori, are an oasis for guests and a great choice for summer getaways. For the visitors, the activities which they can choose from are plenty and they can also enjoy all kinds of hobbies including fishing, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, as well as the crystal clear beaches with the indigo water. The beaches of the region can satisfy all tastes, since the visitor has the option to choose among the various beaches.

Vouliagmeni Lake - Perahora

The little Blue Lake is just a few steps away from the sea. The area captivates the visitor’s attention with its beautiful colors and serenity. Many people prefer first swimming in the calm waters and right after that enjoying the local cuisine of the region.