Archaeological Features
Athens | Acropolis | Museums

You can experience an amazing excursion to Athens and visit the sacred rock of the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum that are considered two of the best features in the world.

Archaeology tours

Next to the settlement of Villia, the walls of ancient Aigosthenon take place, which is an important port and fortress of the Corinthian Gulf, the centre of worship of seer and therapist hero Melaboda. The fortress of Aigosthenon is dated back to the 4th-3rd century BC and is considered the best maintained ancient castle. Near the gate of the northern part, there are the ruins of the five-aisled Basilicas with their traditional mosaic floors.

Visit to Elefsina

A great, coastal walk would be the one to Elefsina which combines everything and offers the privilege of being in the land of Mysteries. One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece is certainly the venue of the legendary Elefsinian mysteries.

The Archaeological Museum of Eleusis in the archaeological site is of particular interest.

Our excursion ends with lunch at one of the seaside taverns combined with a great view of the Argosaronic Gulf.

Mykines - Epidavros

An all-day excursion to Argolis will offer you unique images and will combine the Ancient with the New history of Greece. Start by visiting picturesque Nafplio, the first capital of Greece in the 19th century. Continue your trip with the theatre of Epidaurus, famous worldwide for its exceptional acoustics. The Tour ends with a visit to the area where Mycenae are located with their cyclopean walls and the Palace of King Agamemnon.